Current Obsession

Each week, I choose something that I have been obsessing with. This may be makeup, beauty products, a new recipe, or anything else that I have been loving at the moment. Check back each week or so to see what tops the list.

My Current Obsession: NARS Foreplay

NARS is by far, one of my all-time favorite brands. This beautiful blush palette contains 4 gorgeous shades:  The top left is peachy matte red shade, the top right is a very subtle gold shimmer, bottom left is a bright floral pink (I believe this is NARS “Desire” though it doesn’t specify), and the bottom right is the infamous Orgasm shade (peachy pink with a golden sheen)

This palette is a bit on the pricy end, currently $49.00USD on Sephora (here) However, you are getting 4 shades of blush (in my opinion, 3 shades of blush and 1 highlighter) so you are getting a bit more variety, especially if you are new to NARS blushes.

PROS: I love the crisp black packaging (obviously mine has had some use and isn’t quite as pretty) with a rubber-ish finish, which is strange but makes the palette soft and also helps protect the shades from any shattering if you drop the package.

The shades are universally flattering; Orgasm alone has been shown to look amazing on all skin tones. As you can see on my swatch, I am still pretty tan from the summer and all of the colors look pretty and unique and could each be used to create a gorgeous look. If you like matte shades, the two smaller shades on the left are both matte and will not give you that “shiny greasy” look. The two on the right are both shimmery, with Orgasm being more of a “sheen” and the gold being more shimmery. This allows your a variety if you aren’t sure which would look/work best with your skin. I love all of the pink shades, my favorite being the floral bright pink (bottom right). I am not so fond of the gold shimmer…(see below)

CONS: While I do love this palette, there are a few flaws that I found. My biggest peeve is the size of the shades in the palette. Orgasm is pretty large and there isn’t an issue using it. The other shades, however, are pretty small and it’s actually quite difficult to get a brush in there. I don’t mind getting smaller pots as it is a palette and you wont be getting full sized, but the shapes and size makes it so difficult to apply. I usually have to manipulate my brush in order to fit without picking up all three colors at the same time.

 My only other peeve is the golden shade. I found that on my skintone, especially being a bit tan, it basically looks like I put gold shimmer or eyeshadow all over my cheeks. I also tried using it as a highlighter under my eyes, but the strong yellow tones just did not look good on my skin tone.  I will probably use this as an under the brow highlighter or possibly as eye shadow, but definitely not as a blush or under-eye highlighter. Maybe once I am a bit paler, it will look better.

Overall, I recommend this palette. I already owned NARS Orgasm and NARS Desire, but I love these shades and don’t mind having multiples as I will use them without a doubt. If you are new to NARS, this will give you a few of their best shades and allow you to play with different looks.


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